Standard and maximum consignment size of checked baggage by air

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Consignment luggage refers to baggage that passengers are responsible for taking care of and transporting by Air China and holding luggage identification labels.

Definition of checked baggage

Consignment luggage refers to baggage that passengers are responsible for taking care of and transporting by Air China and holding luggage identification labels.

Checked baggage allowance

Each checked baggage must not be less than 2 kg.

The maximum weight of each checked baggage should not exceed 45 kg. The weight of each check-in baggage in international transportation generally does not exceed 32 kilograms, such as more than 32 kilograms, but not more than 45 kilograms of baggage must comply with the relevant provisions of the carrier reaching the airport and extension.

The length, width and height of each checked baggage shall not exceed 203 cm, and shall not be less than 60 cm.

Checked baggage exceeding the limit of free check-in baggage can be transported as checked baggage after payment of excess baggage charges, but baggage exceeding the maximum volume or weight can not be transported as checked baggage and should be transported as goods.

Checked baggage packing

Checked baggage should be properly packed and fixed to ensure that it can withstand certain pressures and can be safely unloaded and transported under normal operating conditions. The packing of checked baggage should also comply with the following stipulations:

Travel boxes, travelling bags and handbags should be locked to avoid theft.

Two or more than two bags can not be tied into one.

Additional items should not be stuffed to carry luggage.

Bamboo woven baskets, mesh bags, ropes, straw bags and plastic bags should not be wrapped around the luggage.

The name, address and telephone number of the passenger should be specified in the inside and outside of the luggage.

Goods not checked as checked baggage or checked into luggage.

The following reasons are not suitable for transportation: items that are fragile or perishable due to their danger, insecurity, or because of their weight, size, shape or nature, or taking into account, but not limited to, aircraft type factors, as well as lithium batteries, etc.

Provisions for the transportation of lithium batteries in passenger luggage

According to the ICAO Technical Rules for the Safe Air Transportation of Dangerous Goods (2011-2012), portable electronic devices (watches, calculators, cameras, mobile phones, laptops, portable cameras, etc.) containing lithium or lithium-ion batteries or batteries for personal use by passengers or crew members shall be portable. Baggage should not exceed 2 grams of lithium in lithium-ion batteries, rated energy value of lithium-ion batteries should not exceed 100 Wh (watt-hour), more than 100 Wh but not more than 160 Wh. Lithium-ion batteries exceeding 160 Wh can be packed on equipment in hand-in baggage or hand-carried baggage with the approval of the airline.

Standby batteries for portable electronic devices must be individually protected against short circuits (put in the original retail package or otherwise insulate the electrodes, such as tape on exposed electrodes, or put each battery in a separate plastic bag or protective box), and can only be carried in hand luggage, up to 10 approved by the airline. The standby lithium battery of 0-160Wh can carry only two.

The sum of the three sides is not more than 158 centimeters (62 inches) and can be regarded as baggage items.

Sleeping bags or bedding rolls

Rucksack, backpack, etc.

Skiing / skiing facilities - a ski backpack containing a pair of ski / ski and ski poles. A foot bag containing a pair of ski boots.

Golf equipment - golf bags containing golf clubs and golf shoes.

Barrel bag or 22 bag

Bicycles - single-seat traveling bicycles or racing cars, non-motorized, packed properly, handlebars turned to both sides, pedals unloaded.

• standard skiing board, coiled wave plate or a pair of standard skid sled.

- Fishing gear - properly packaged in no more than two fishing rods, a reel, a net, a pair of fishing boots and a tool box

Sports guns - a rifle box containing no more than two rifles, no more than 5 kg (11 pounds) of gunpowder, a fire pad, a muffler and a small rifle tool, or two shotgun shotguns and two shotgun boxes, or a pistol box containing five within pistols, 5 kg (11 pounds) of gunpowder, muffler A pistol telescope and a small pistol tool. The acceptability of such firearms depends on the specific circumstances of the carrier.

• length less than 100 cm (39 inches) of musical instruments.