The difference between the customization of a pull rod box and mass customization

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Ever since the UV printer's tie-rod box was available, a custom pattern or logo could be printed on an existing tie-rod box.

Can a pull rod box be customized?

Ever since the UV printer's tie-rod box was available, a custom pattern or logo could be printed on an existing tie-rod box.

So what is the principle of UV printing? Now let me give you a brief introduction.

UV plate printer UV means: UV ink is different from the previous water ink, textile ink, oily ink, solvent-based ink, the new generation of equipment using UV ink, UV ink itself between solvent-based and oily ink, is a kind of chemical ink, with a slight corrosion, so in daily use, should be Try to avoid physical contact. What we need to know is

UV flat printer UV meaning two: curing principle

The solidification method adopts the internal cooling solidification principle, which does not produce odor, heat, bubbles and other phenomena in a very short time. This is mainly determined by photosensitizers in UV ink. When the photosensitizer combines with ultraviolet rays, the interior will be extremely rapid condensation, drying, and thus achieve the curing effect. Usually, the wavelength of domestic curing lamps is between 35-46, which is also determined by the different manufacturers. It is different from mercury lamp in that it has low heat, can't bake bad material, has no pollution, can't leak mercury and pollute the environment.

UV flat printer UV meaning three: printing mode

Direct piezoelectric inkjet printing, the nozzle in the distance between 0.5 cm to 1 cm above the material, inkjet printing, UV ink directly sprayed on the surface of the material, and then irradiated by LED lights on both sides of the nozzle, ink drying can be achieved.

Ultraviolet Printing Doesn't Cost about 20 Yuan to Print a Patterns for Small Batch Customization

What is mass customization?

Mass customization of intaglio printing in the early stage needs to open a printing plate printing plate distribution costs move thousands of fees after a single cost is cheaper, can be ignored

Intaglio printmaking is to make the whole printing plate surface covered with ink, and then use a special scraping mechanism to remove the blank part of the ink, so that the ink only remains in the screen of the graphic part, and then under greater pressure, the ink transferred to the substrate surface, to obtain printed matter. Gravure printing belongs to direct printing. The image and text part of the printing plate is concave, and the degree of concavity varies with the level of the image. The blank part of the printing plate is convex and on the same plane.