The origin of the pull rod box and basic knowledge

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At the same time, the tie rod also has a tie rod for the box, which can be divided into a single-tube tie rod and a double-tube tie rod, and the tie rod tube can also be divided into a square tube and a circular tube, so as to facilitate dragging while walking and greatly reduce the burden.

At the same time, the tie rod also has a tie rod for the box, which can be divided into a single-tube tie rod and a double-tube tie rod, and the tie rod tube can also be divided into a square tube and a circular tube, so as to facilitate dragging while walking and greatly reduce the burden.

The pull-rod box can be carried or dragged. The pull-rod box wheels we usually use are basically located at the bottom of the box. Modern people have designed a new type of pull-rod box. The box is designed as a cylinder and the wheel is wrapped around the outside of the box. This kind of roller design makes the pull-rod box better. To adapt to different terrain, such as pulling the box directly, you can walk up and down stairs easily.

The pull rod box is a box with pull rods and wheels. With the development of transportation and economy, hiking has become a very common thing for people. Wheels and tie bars that are needed have become the necessary things for boxes nowadays. The name "tie bar box" has gradually come into people's mind. The tie bar box has become an essential thing for people's daily life.

According to the conservative statistics in 2004, China's luggage market capacity reached 14 billion, and every year has a huge growth potential. In 2005, China's tourism reached 1 billion 212 million passengers and outbound tourism reached 31 million 26 thousand and 300. According to the Tenth Five-Year Plan for Tourism Development formulated by the State Tourism Administration, by 2020, China will have more than 210 million overseas tourists and 2.9 billion Chinese tourists. The huge number brings the increasing demand of domestic consumers, and the large capacity of China's tie-rod box industry will face enormous growth potential. In sharp contrast to the "big market, high growth" of the tie-rod box, the brand building of the domestic tie-rod box industry is unsatisfactory.

Samsonite, the largest luggage brand in the United States, occupies about 30% of the U.S. luggage market. Samsonite tie-case firmly occupies the position of "business tie-box" in the minds of consumers. Samsonite is a truly global multinational enterprise in the tie-box industry. In the global market, "business tie-box" has become a synonym for Samsonite. The American pull rod market is a relatively mature and benign market. According to the consumer demand and competition situation, each brand has formulated a clear and effective brand segmentation, which occupies a valuable position in the minds of consumers and forms a market segmentation. Undoubtedly, the clear and effective brand distinction among American tie-box brands is a model and example for Chinese tie-box enterprises to learn from.

From the overall market competition situation of the tie-box, there is a huge opportunity to build the leading brand of the tie-box. For the Chinese tie-box enterprises, who is the first to grasp the opportunity to implement brand segmentation, and the first to enter the consumer mind, who will gain the greatest competitive advantage. He who gains the consumer will win the world. The luggage industry in Yiwu has sprang up in the fourth generation of the small commodity market. From scratch, from small to large, slowly develop into the present scale. In the face of new domestic and international trends, Yiwu's rod box manufacturers are also constantly exploring to create their own brand.

Pull rod box - Classification

Generally speaking, the suitcase can be divided into soft cloth suitcase and hard suitcase according to the material (hard can be divided into ABS and P P);

According to the structure, it can be divided into two types: vertical tie rod and horizontal type suitcase.

Divided by size: 18-inch'20-inch'22-inch'24-inch'26-inch'28-inch'30-inch! Usually used are 20-inch trilateral and add up to 115CM's carry-on size and 28-inch trilateral and add up to 158CM's standard size for free check-in!

Pull rod box - shopping method

Quality of boxes

First of all, the tie rod box: Of course, the tie rod must be built-in, the material must be steel (external tie rods and wheels are certainly not adapted to the current cruel handling of all flights). The case should have a steel skeleton, the fabric is better rain-proof, the particle size of the material is a little better, because wear-resistant, wheels do not have to say must be built-in, (casually, many boxes now say that the four wheels can be turned, can be checked boxes must not use such a wheel, because The wheels are of course rubber, and the smaller the sound, the better. It's also important to pull, but it's not necessarily the bigger the better. It depends on the material and how you feel when you pull it down. In fact, the box is also very simple, other things are not very important, such as suit bags or high-rise anything depends on your own preferences.


When purchasing a suitcase, consumers should first check the appearance of the suitcase, that is, whether the suitcase is in good condition, the corner is symmetrical, the suitcase can be upright or upside down on the ground, check whether the suitcase is on all fours, not askew, and check whether the suitcase is flat, scratched, cracked, especially pay attention to the case (above, below) The four corners should be symmetrical. Open the box, check the box entrance, the box should be consistent with each other, the gap should be small, to seam, flexible hinge rotation, no obstruction, Kema (buckle) can be closed, buckled, open, the box should be firmly adhered, textile fabrics can not jump silk, crack phenomenon. The lifting handle (MOP) is firmly installed without loosening. The tie rod should be flexible and have a certain strength. The tie rod and the fixed rod should be matched appropriately, and the expansion can not be too large. The tie rod should be flexible when the locking button is pressed. The box wheel should be flexible, preferably with a bearing wheel. When checking box locks, you can assemble several sets of numbers at random.

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