Seven kinds of materials commonly used in pull rod boxes.

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The pull rod box can be divided into two types according to material quality: Hard box and flexible box.
The pull rod box can be divided into two types according to material quality: Hard box and flexible box.

Hard case: the material of the box is hard, and its advantages are compression resistance, impact resistance and strong protection. The disadvantage is that the weight is large.

Soft box: the box is relatively soft, and its advantages are light weight, strong toughness and beautiful appearance. The disadvantage is waterproof, compression, impact resistance than the hard box, more suitable for short-term travel, or as a carry-on boarding box.

At present, the common hard box materials on the market are ABS, PP, PC, thermoplastic composite materials, soft box materials are Oxford cloth, canvas, PU leather, nylon, EVA, leather and so on.

Next, we will focus on seven kinds of materials commonly used in pull rod boxes:

1. ABS material

In recent years, new and popular materials, compared with other materials, are lighter in quality, more flexible in surface, feel less solid, in fact, very flexible, rigid, impact-resistant, not easy to be compressed deformation, high strength, not easy to break the shell, the general adult standing on top of no problem, it can effectively protect Built in items, cleaning is also more convenient. The disadvantage is that the price is high, the weight is big, the portability is inconvenient, generally does not have the small size, basically is the large-scale. The price is much higher than that of Oxford cloth and man-made leather. Besides, it is easy to scratch, but the last case case case will be much better.

Two, PVC

The strongest material in the box is much stronger than ABS. It is resistant to fall, impact, abrasion, waterproof, fashionable, smooth and beautiful. It does not worry about scratches because of rough handling. The disadvantages are also obvious: Shen! It's about 20 kilograms at any time. Many airlines are limited to 20 kilograms, which means half of the box weight.

Three. Thermoplastic composites

It has the characteristics of moisture-proof and pressure-proof, so even in rainy and snowy weather, you do not have to worry about the contents of the box will be damp and wet, and because of the material used, the box itself does not have a great degree of flexibility, suitable for storage such as cameras, cameras and other valuables, in case of external shocks, the box of goods. It will not be easily damaged.

Four. Oxford cloth

This is a kind of nylon, which is more uniform in appearance and can not be distinguished in many luggage. The advantage is that it is wear-resistant and practical, and it will be the same for several years. There is no need to worry too much about the damage to the box.

Five. Canvas

This material is not very common for the tie-rod box, the greatest advantage is wear resistance, and this material is very uniform color, may have a brighter surface, look good after buying, but with a period of time, may be old, and its impact resistance is not as good as Oxford cloth.

Six, cowhide

From the price point of view, cowhide is the most expensive, from the performance point of view, it is also the most precious: fear of water, fear of grinding, fear of pressure, fear of scratching - everything is afraid, need to be properly kept, of course, cowhide boxes are very valuable, but the use of leather is really not environmentally friendly, there is no harm to trade.


This kind of box has the advantage of similar appearance to cowhide, but the price is much lower than the real leather, the appearance appears high-grade, not afraid of water. Disadvantages are low wear resistance and low fruit setting.